How WiFi and IP Intercoms for Gates work

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IP Intercoms are the future now using WiFi to make them wireless up to 15km, remote calling and gate control via the Internet and much more. 

The simplest systems connect with WiFi directly to a smart phone or tablet. A visitor presses a call button on the outdoor station and a video call is made to a Smart Phone or Tablet using a home or office house router and if no one is home a call can be made to a Smart Phone over the Internet using the 3G mobile data network, which when answered allows the occupant to talk to the visitor and see who it is then open the gate using their phone from anywhere in the world.

The advantage of this type of Intercom is there is no wiring required between the gate and inside and can use existing WiFi equipment and smart phones saving money.   The WiFi connection can also be shared by IP Camera Surveillance systems and Access Control Systems and cost nothing to use unless calls are made via 3G over the Internet then there is the small cost of some data use.

How WiFi Intercoms Work

To improve range of the outdoor station a directional outdoor antenna maybe installed just like with standard wireless intercoms but with WiFi you have the added advantage of being able to use an 'off the self' WiFi repeater to boaster range too although these do need somewhere to plug in although can help to bounce the WiFi around objects such as buildings or hills if necessary.  A Roof top antenna patched into a router that allows an external antenna to be connected is also a great way to improve range although the router will need to have at least two antennas preferably three so the inside equipment will still work.

Boasting the range of the WiFi and making an IP Intercom Wireless with WiFi 

If the gate is a long way from the house and has direct line of site or you have an IP Intercom without built in WiFi and you'd wish to add WiFi then an option is to use outdoor access points with built in directional antennas and amplifier to boast the WiFi to whatever range you want up to many kilometres if there is clear line of site between the house and the gate.  If there isn't clear line of site then a third outdoor WiFi access point could be used as a repeater with an Omni-directional antenna fitted or two units back to back using their built in directional antennas, although these will need to be plugged in so would be ideal on the roof of a shed, lamp post or any structure that has power and can be seen from both the house and the gate.  If outdoor access points are used then the Intercom wouldn't need to have built in WiFi but would need to be an IP Intercom, which means if must be able to plug into a home or office network.  

Extending range of a WiFi Intercom or making an IP Intercom wireless with WiFi


Larger Scale WiFi/IP Intercoms

Commercial grade IP Intercom systems can be expanded to suit many different applications with WiFi links between a gate and building, between buildings or even within buildings combined with wired networks depending on what is more practical or economic to install. 

A front entry gate or door station can call one of many different apartments or offices individually, ideal for gated communities, apartment buildings, resorts or hotels with the WiFi and network cables being shared with those used for an IP Video surveillance system and/or access controls system.

More than one gate or door station can be added for driveway or pedestrian gates. Other services can by controlled over the network from one or more monitors too such as lighting, gate or door locks.  There can even be a public address system added or touch screen lobby station for the general public. 

ip wireless large scale layout

Each touch screen monitor can open the front entry gate or door, view any surveillance cameras connected to the system (to check on the kids at the pool) or call other apartments or offices.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or a quote for supply of a system setup ready to install or if you're in Brisbane we can install too.