How Automatic Sliding Gates Work

how it works sliding gate

Automatic sliding gates are custom made as no two gates are ever the same and come with two wheels that roll on a metal track, a guide system to hold the gate up as it moves and a motor that opens and closes the gate by remote control.  Best on level ground but can be on a slope if necessary, if there is limited or difficult space they can have two leaves that stack one in front of the other known as a Telescopic Gate or two leaves end on end that open in different directions know as a bi-parting sliding gate.  Round the corner sliding gates are possible too. 

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Adding Accessories to Automatic Sliding Gates 

An Intercom

Is handy for visitors who have no other way of getting in your gate.  The latest IP Intercom technology connects to your home or office WiFi and calls a Smart phone or tablet allowing you to see and speak to a visitor and open the gate to let them in.  Using the Internet they may also call you while you're out.  


how it works - remote controls, digital keypads, intercoms, access controls, photocells, in ground vehicle detectors

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Other ways to let visitors in 

You may have a Digital keypad so anyone with a valid pin can open the gate, which is fine for a residential gate but if a gate is being shared by a lot of homes or offices then these aren't so good because people can tell other people what their pin is where as with an RFID system each resident is issued a small tag that they touch on an RFID reader to open the gate so is more secure.  Another option is a GSM access control that allows a resident to open a gate using any registered mobile phone, so a mobile phone becomes a remote control.  Some Intercoms come with digital keypads built in and/of RFID reader or use the mobile phone network to make call as well as open the gate with no range limit.

An automatic gate closing by itself (auto-close) 

An option with any gate motor is to have it close automatically after a time delay but it is a good idea to install a safety photocell if you want to use this option that prevents the gate from closing on a vehicle.  The Photocell can also be used to close the gate as soon as a vehicle has driven through for improved security.

Ways to let Visitors out.

If you have a gate Intercom system or a spare remote control you can simply let visitors out with these but if you have a long driveway and can't see the gate from the house or share the gate with other residences or offices then you can either install a press button along side the driveway so visitors can press this to let themselves out, which is fine but if someone jumps the fence they too can easily use this to get out, so a better option is to install an in ground vehicle detector so if any vehicle (not a person) drives up to the gate from inside the property it will open automatically for them.  This is know as Auto-exit.

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