Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a Gate that is difficult to push open, will installing an automatic opener fix this problem?

A: If the difficulty in opening the gate is because the driveway is steep and slippery when wet yet the gate it's self moves easily then YES most certainly an automatic opener would fix this problem.

If you have difficulty pushing a gate open because it has stiff hinges or wheels or is binding with the ground or other object then fitting an automatic opener will NOT solve the problem. A gate must firstly be made to open easily before an Automatic Opener is fitted.

 ... more on making an existing gate automatic 

Q: I have a driveway that slopes up from the road and I'd like a Swing Gate (hinged or Driveway Gate) opening inwards, is this possible and can it be automatic?

A: Yes rising hinges can be used with an automatic swing gate and if the gate is heavy or the slope steep we can counter balance it.

... more on rising hinge design

Q: I live on a steeply sloping street, can I install an automatic sliding gate on a driveway that slopes across?

A: Yes so you can using either a larger motor for heavier gates or using our gate balancing mechanism 

... Guide to Size of Sliding Gate Motors

Q: I'd like an automatic gate for my driveway but don't think I have enough space, what are my options?

A: A sliding gate doesn't take up any driveway space but you need some where for the gate to slide, if you have nowhere for a sliding gate then a double swing gate or bi-folding gate takes up half the driveway space of a single piece gate and because it is automatic you can back right up to it once it's closed

... choosing between a Swing or Sliding Gate

Q: If I wanted to install a double automatic swing gate I'd need a power point on each side of my gate wouldn't I?

A: No power is required on one side only for all systems, although double swing gates and Bi-parting sliding gates do require a low voltage cable across the driveway.

... more on installing low voltage cable

Q: I have a gate at the front of my property and I'm sick and tired of opening and closing it by hand, can I have an automatic operator installed to this gate or do I need to get a new gate made?

A: Depends on the gate.

... more on making Existing Gates Automatic.

Q: I know nothing about Automatic Gates and would like to get one installed, where do I start?

A: see here: How Automatic Sliding Gates work  or How Automatic Swing Gates work

Q: Can I fit an Automatic Gate Opener myself to save money?

A: Depends on how handy you are try downloading an install manual first to see what's required or...

 ... How to Install a Sliding Gate Motor

... How to Install Swing Gate Motor 

Q: What is most likely to go wrong with an automatic gate?

A: More things than you could possibly imagine ...

  ... see Common Problems with Automatic Gates.

Q: My Swing Gate sags, if I put a wheel on the gate will this fix the problem?

A: It may stop the gate sagging but will not make the gate any easier to open, in fact is more than likely to make the problem worse. The best way to repair a sagging gate is to make sure it has a good strong Post and hinges and the gate and post is braced well enough.

... How to Install Posts for Automatic Gate

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Q: Is an automatic gate about the same price as a automatic garage door?

A: No! Automatic Gates are usually more than an automatic garage door because every gate is different so must be custom made rather than mass produced like Garage Doors. Automatic Gates also have to stand up to the weather, people pushing on them, road dust, ocean air, bugs and lizards trying to make them into their home, bird droppings and dogs chewing on their wires. Not to mention the fact that you need to get power out to the gate and allow for the meter man and other visitors to get in and still keep the dog in so it can chew some more.

And they are normally right out in the front of a property where everyone can see them so need to look nice and run quietly so they don't disturb the neighbours. Most importantly they control access into and out of your property so must work every time even with all the above odds are against them. The plus to all this though is a quality automatic gate does provide very good security with no inconvenience and adds value to a property usually by more than the initial investment.

Q: Are 240V motors more powerful and expensive than 12V or 24V Motors?

A: Not necessarily in fact a 240V motor generally has less torque, heats up more quickly and is larger physically than a similar powered 12VDC or 24VDC motor. But they don't require a transformer so are usually cheaper to buy but then installing a power point at a gate can make it more expensive.

12V and 24V operators also have a much better sensitivity to the gate being obstructed and have no dangerous voltage at the gate making them safer to use and normally cheaper to install. They also allow for battery backup and solar powered operation so generally are more flexible too.

Q: If I get a cheap automatic Gate Motor or Intercom on the Internet and get a mate to install it can I save a lot of money?

A: Perhaps but you have no idea how well it will work if it works at all, then your well meaning mate probably has never installed one before, can't follow the installation manual because it is poorly translated so makes all the classic mistakes, leaves you with something that either doesn't work properly or breaks down all the time at really inconvenient moments, no one can fix it because no one knows anything about it or has any parts for it.

You're always better off paying more for a proven and reliable locally available system that has clearly written and illustrated instructions and all the technical support you need only a phone call away with someone who knows the equipment well.