We're Looking for Installers in all areas of Australia

If you're an electrician, alarm technician, builder, handyman or similar trade looking for a change or are someone with good people and practical skills and want to start your own lucrative business then read on as this could be the opportunity you're looking for.

Running your own Automatic Gate Installation Business

You would get leads past onto you from our website for the installation of gates, fence panels, gate automation, gate Intercoms, Video surveillance and/or low voltage garden lighting and other systems you may choose to sell and install in your local area.  You would trade under your own business name or be a Grant's Automation agent the choice is yours.  We would take care of the heavy duty design work and fabricate any gates, fence panels or other structures required and provide kits including gate hardware and automation equipment as required, which would be freighted to you to install. You would take care of quoting, liaising and billing clients and we bill you for everything we supply, it's as simple as that.

Ideally you'd be a one man band or someone who takes care of sales and managing installations with one or more installers working for you or contracting to you.  You could work from home as you'd need no workshop or carry any stock, all you'd need is an ABN, vehicle, smart phone an email account, a trade vehicle, tools and practical skills for installations. You don't need to be a licensed electrician as all the electronic equipment is low voltage. Feel free to browse the 'Handy Info' menu at the top of this page to familiarize yourself with what we do. 

Contracting to Grants Automation as an Installer 

You would act as our arms and legs in your local area doing such things as measuring a job up and installing everything as required for a pre-agreed price.  We get enquiries from all areas in Australia and can take care of sales and manage installations remotely but can't do installations of course because we're not there physically, which is where you can help.  Generally our jobs are measured up accurately, designed and fabricated to high standards so everything just drops into place easily during installation.  We have been doing it a long time so have the expertise to get it correct so all you would need is a suitable trade vehicle such as a Ute or Van with suitable roof rakes, a set of tools, a Smart phone, email account, practical skills and an ABN. 

You could work from home so would have low over heads and we could pass enough work onto you to keep you busy full time plus.  Independent installers can earn up to $3000 a week if they put the hours in.  The best part is if you run into any technical difficulties you would have our support as we've been doing this since 1986 so have the expertise and experience so you wouldn't be on your own with this.  Feel free to browse the 'Handy Info' menu at the top of this page to familiarize yourself with what we do.  

If you're Interested

Please don't hesitate to contact us for a chat about options as we're open to suggestions on how we can work together.