Automatic Gates for Car Parks and Industrial Estates

gate for carpark

Automatic gates can control vehicular and pedestrian access at different times of the day for different people. 

Things to consider:

  • Number of users
  • Is a swing or sliding gate more suitable?
  • Placement of an intercom and gates to avoid traffic congestion during peak times.
  • Safety of all users including: residents, visitors and the general public.
  • Security - preventing cars sneaking in behind others and controlling pedestrians.
  • What happens if the power goes out?
  • How will visitors get in or out?
  • Is it necessity to lock the gate electrically?

Number of Users

The first thing to consider is how many vehicles and pedestrians will be using the gate? how do you avoid congestion at peak times and insure the safety and security of everyone that is coming and going?

If the gate is being opened in the morning and closed at night with only a few vehicles using it after hours and the gate isn't too big then a gate operator rated for residential use maybe all that is needed.

For gates that get a lot of use operators with a higher duty cycle and durability are necessary, which are a lot more expensive but will last for many years and give reliable performance.  If there are a lot of users paying for it then the cost per head is much less than an individual house hold anyway so there is no point using an under rated operator the long term hassle just isn't worth it.  

Is a Swing or Sliding Gate more Suitable?

Sliding gates are better for driveways that slope up from the road or you don't want to loose any part of your driveway to a swing gate but you do need space for it to slide.  Swing Gates are usually cheaper the sliding gates ...

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Placement of an Intercom

An intercom should be placed away from other vehicles using the gate so if a visitor has stopped to use the intercom and an authorised user wishes to get in they don't get stuck behind the visitor if they may not be able to gain access.

placement of an intercom

Separate Entry and Exit Gates

To allow higher volumes of traffic to flow more smoothly a separate entry and exit gate is recommended, particularly if a RFID card system in use because the card reader is best located on the right hand side so users can reach it from their drivers window. If a two way gate is used, incoming vehicles will need to enter the outgoing lane to use the card reader.

It is also more desirable to have the outgoing gate opening outwards so vehicles won't have the gate opening towards them.

An in ground vehicle loop detector also works more effectively with a separate EXIT gate because then incoming vehicles are not detected.

separate entry and exit gates

Power Out Considerations

What happens if there is a power failure? Ideally the gate will continue working regardless, even with a lot of users, which requires a continuously rated battery back up system like that used with our 24V continuously rated operators.

Authorised Users Access Control

Users may have:

  1. Hand held  keyring sized remote controls allow each user to open a gate.  These are best used with a management system that assigns remote controls to user individually so they can easily be removed from the system even if lost or stolen without having to reprogram the entire system.
  2. An RFID key card or tag touched on a reader will open a front entry gate.  These are a more economic alternative to remote controls with a management system for assigning cards or tags to users individually.
  3. GSM/3G Access Controls use Mobile Phones as remote controls by registering users mobile numbers into the system and the user speed dialling a pre-set number.
  4. A Digital Keypad can also be used where everyone can be issued a separate pin number although these tend to be vulnerable to people sharing numbers so isn't the highest form of security.

With all these systems If a card, tag, remote control or mobile phone is loss it can be taken out of the system to prevent anyone that finds it to open the gate and a new one added. This can be done separately for each one. With digital keypad pin codes they also can be removed separately and new one entered.

Visitor Access control and monitoring who's coming and going.

Visitors, delivery men and tradesmen require an intercom system. This may be a single call system for the receptionist or security guard or multi call system to individual offices, businesses, manager or security.

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A Video Surveillance system at the gate is also very handy for users to screen visitors giving them the choice of whether to let a visitor know if they are available or not. A video surveillance system can also be combined with a 24 hour digital video recorder system to keep track of who is coming and going and capturing events such as someone driving into the gate or activities of vandals

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Does a Gate need an electric lock?

Sliding Gate operators lock the gate too so no extra locking device is needed.

Swing gate operators for Commercial Gates do need an electric lock because the likely hood that someone will be pushing on the gate to try and get in is very high. Magnetic clamps are recommended for Commercial Gates and are best used to lock a single gate to a receiving post. If you have a double swing gate then a magnetic lock is necessary to lock both gates to the ground, this does require a hard stop in the middle of the driveway.

You may also have a Small Side Pedestrian Gate and would like to tie this into the automatic gate operator system. A magnetic lock is also the best solution for electrically locking Pedestrian gates that get a lot of use because they will take a lot of abuse and continue to work.

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