Hinges for Automatic Swing Gates

Its important to have hinges that can bear the weight of the gate, have no slop, can be fixed to the gate and post properly, are suitable for weather and ground conditions they will be used in and can handle the amount and type of use the gate gets.   

Trunion and Gudgeon Hinges

Ideal for gates that have trees near them or ground that settles so moves about as these hinges are adjustable.  They have different sizes depending on the size of the gate.  Nylon bushes are available as a spare part if the gate gets a lot of use and it wears out.  

Gudgeon and Trunnion Hinges

Ball Bearing Hinges 

Are more suitable for heavier gates, gates with wider opening angles and gates that get a lot of use. They are more critical to fit but allow the gate to be very close to the post. There is also a strap variety available for timber gates.

Ball bearing hinges

ball bearing hinge for wide opening angle

If you want the gate in the middle of the post you can install the hinges between the gate and post although you do need a 28mm gap between the gate and post and a right hand hinge is needed instead of a left hand and vise versa if doing it this way.