How to Install a Swing Gate

When Installing an Automatic Gate that will be entered from a public road way, make sure the Gate is placed far enough from the road to prevent traffic congestion and is installed in a location that provides adequate clearance between it and adjacent structures when opening and closing to reduce risk of entrapment.

The Gate must comply with any applicable local council regulations.

How to Install Posts for Swing Gates

One of the most important aspects of an automatic swing gate is good strong posts to hang the gate from. Galvanised steel posts are best because they don't warp or twist with changes in weather conditions.  Posts for swing gates need to be strong because they not only support the weight of the gate but anyone that may climb on the gate

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How to Brace a Post for Swing Gates

An automatic swing gate needs to be well braced so it doesn't drop and drag on the ground as this will stop it working reliably.  Normally the bracing of the gate comes from a welded frame.

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Hinges for Swing Gates 

The next most important aspect of an automatic swing gate is good strong hinges.  Any play in the hinge can cause problems with the gate motor.  Two types of hinges are recommended for an automatic swing gates

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How to Install the Cladding 

If your gate is to have timber pickets, hardwood slats, metal slats or metal sheeting its easier to fit this after the gate frame is installed.  

If using Trunnion and Gudgeon hinges 

Drill holes about 100mm from the top and bottom of the mullion (end of the frame) and attach the trunnions. Use wooden blocks and wedges to position the gate a suitable distance from the ground and level.  Get someone to hold the gate up while you place the Gudgeon Plates in the Trunnions and mark the position of the holes on the post.  Remove the gate and Tek screw the Gudgeon plates on the post where marked then with two people slide the gate onto the hinges to hang it.  You can adjust the height of the gate with the nuts on the Trunnion.


fitting a trunnion and gudgeon hinge