Bi-Parting Sliding Gates for Limited Space

How they Work 

If you have enough space on both sides of your gate way for 1/2 sized gate panels but not enough for a single full sized panel you could consider a Bi-parting Sliding Gate as an alternative to a telescopic sliding gate as both panels share the same track so are lined up with each other, which looks nicer, although two operators are also required

bi-parting closed

bi-parting open

Installing a Bi-parting gate is the same as a single panel sliding gate but you have two of them and the keeper is on one panel.

Motors for Bi-Parting Gates 

Only certain motors are suitable for Bi-Parting Gates.  Motors that have separate open and close buttons on their remote controls are ideal as they will always keep in sync with each other.  The disadvantage of this type of motor is it is more complex to fit a digital keypad or intercom if it is to open both sides and you need power on both sides of the gate.

If two motors are used that have one button on the remote control to open then close and they have their own control boards even if the remote controls are programmed to operate both motors at once it only takes one time when one doesn't respond and the other to open, then next time this one will close but the other open, which is not a desirable outcome.  These motors must share a double control board that is capable of controlling two motors and keep them synchronized together.  The advantage of this type of motor is they are much easier to add a digital keypad or intercom and you only need power to one side and a cable across the driveway.