Gate and Garage Door Remote Control Compatibility

Very few gate and garage door remote controls (handsets or transmitters) are compatible with each other so if you install an automatic gate it is very unlikely that the remote controls for your gate will work with your automatic garage door opener or vice versa.  It's only if you stick with the same brand of garage door opener as the gate opener are they likely to work but even this isn't guaranteed.

How they work

To make remote controls more secure they have built in electronics that send a digital code when a button is pressed and a receiver unit will read this code and if recorded in its memory know it is allowed to open the automatic gate or garage door so will then do so.  This means when a gate or garage door motor is first installed it must learn the digital codes for the remote controls that are to work with it.  If they is more than one button on a remote control each one will have a different code so can be used to operate different gates or doors.

How to make Remote Controls Compatible 

If you have an automatic garage door and you like the remote controls that came with it there is a possibility that these can be used to operate an automatic gate, if the garage door company has a compatible stand alone receiver unit that can be fitted to the gate controls. Its best to contact installers of the particular model of garage door opener rather than the manufacturer because they know what works and what doesn't and are most likely to help you get this working.  You can also go the other way if you like the remote controls that come with an automatic gate you can normally get a receiver unit that will work with these and fit to a garage door opener to make it work with the gate remote controls. 

What if no Receiver Unit is Available? You can get Universal Receiver Units that will work with most remote controls although these need to be the correct frequency other wise they won't work.  Also some remote controls use rolling code, which may or may not work with a Universal Receiver or if they do they won't have all the security benefits of rolling code but will still work.  Normally Remote Controls with Rolling Code will have a suitable Receiver Unit available because of the compatibility issues.  

Spare Buttons required - Garage Door Remote Controls need to have a spare button before they can be used to operate a gate, you cannot just have one button operating both because if one doesn't work only once you may end up with a garage door that is open and a gate closed, then if you try to close the garage door the gate will open so you need to have them on separate buttons so you can control them separately.  Most remote controls these days have two to four buttons so can be used with one gate and on to three doors or other combinations.

If you have lost your remote controls and replacements are expensive 

You can get cheaper Chinese Duplicating Remote Controls that can copy your original although you need at least one working remote control to make this work and they must be at the same frequency. For most Rolling Code, Hopping Code, Tri-Code or Muilti-frequency Remote Controls the Duplicating Remote Controls will NOT work but you can get Clones for specific remote controls that will work for that brand only.


The frequency is like a channel the remote control and receiver unit must have the same frequency to work otherwise the receiver will not see the remote control, it won't even know it is there.  Frequencies used vary from country to country.  In most countries the common frequency used for gates and garage door openers is 433.92Mhz although frequencies from 300Mhz to 315Mhz are also used but not so common. Older systems also use 49Mhz and 27Mhz.  In USA 315Mhz is common although the other frequencies are available too.

What is Rolling Code or Hopping Code?

A highly secure digital coding system for remote controls to get around the problem of people using a digital scanner to record the signal sent by a remote control and then using this to gain access.  Rolling Code was primarily developed for remote control central locking systems for up market cars and has now been adapted for Automatic Gates and Garage Doors too.

How it works is each time a remote control is used the digital code sent is different and the receiver uses a complex system to be able to confirm the code is correct.  This system relies on high levels of encryption based on a number of factors including a manufacturers ID so without that ID or knowledge of the system used it is not possible to crack the code.

What is Tri-Code or Multi-frequency?

These use three different frequencies to avoid interference.  If one frequency doesn't work then it tries the other frequencies so at least one will do the job.  These also use Rolling Code for high levels of security.