How Trackless Bi-Folding Gates Work

Rather than a single swing gate that takes up a lot of a driveway a Trackless Bi-Folding gate or Cantilevered Folding gate as it is also know has two leaves like a double swing gate but they are hinged together, hung from one post and fold up like a concertina.  They can either open inwards or outwards.

inward or outward opening

Custom Made

Trackless Folding gates can be designed with many different styles of gate to choose from and made up as a DIY kit sent anywhere in Australia or if you're in Brisbane I can install it for you. 

Power Fold - Folding Gate Mechanism

The part that stumps most people with Bi-Folding gates is how to automate them.  Ok a motor can be fitted to the first leaf to make it automatic like you would any other swing gate but how does the second leaf fold up?

Well I have designed a mechanism that I call 'Power Fold" that transfers movement of the first leaf to the second so it will fold up without using a track, so will work even if a driveway is sloping or a little uneven and won't restrict the height of the gate opening (like overhead tracks do). The way it works is a bit technical and best explained by the following drawing:

plan view of bi-folding gate mechanism and how it works  

The video below is of a gate I installed three years ago followed by an animation of the advantages of the Power Fold mechanism.   

Double Bi-Folding Gates 

To reduce space even further a double Bi-folding gate uses a quarter of the space that a single swing gate does, although these require two motors, a cable across the driveway and two Power Fold Mechanisms.

double bi-folding partly opendouble bi-folding fully open

Rising Bi-Folding Gates

If you have a driveway that slopes up from the street and there's limited space then a rising bi-folding gate is a possible solution requiring 1/2 the space of a single rising gate or a double rising bi-folding gate requires 1/4 the space of a single.

rising folding gate closedrising folding gate partly openrising folding gate fully open

rising folding gate closed from different view pointrising folding gate partly open from different view pointrising folding gate open from different view point