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King Dynamos 24/600 - 24V Motor for Gates to 600kg

Made in Italy for larger gates, telescopic gates or gates on a slope with soft stop, obstacle detection for safety, partial opening for pedestrian entry, optional safety photocells and easy setup. Includes 2 x remote controls and has the option of power at the gate, low voltage cable to gate from power at the house, battery backup or solar power.

Downloads: Installation Manual - Programming Manual - Solar Install

Smart Digital Control Panel 

Built in computerised control panel with many precise adjustable features including: maximum speed, slow down when approaching open or close limit can change slow down position, safety reverse sensitivity and stopping when reaching open or close hard stop, auto-close delay, open part way for pedestrian entry and more. 

A safety photocell is recommended when using auto-close.

2 x Four Button Remote Controls

Has one button to open another to stop, a third to close and forth to open part way for pedestrian entry.

Multiple power options

Standard motor plugs into a power point at the gate but this can be hard wired if you prefer by simply removing the supplied power lead and connecting the power directly inside the motor (must be done be a registered electrician) OR you can add either a low voltage or solar kit  

... more on Power Options

Optional Battery Backup

Built into the motor itself that takes over if there is a power failure so you don't get stuck inside or outside your property. 

4m Rack included

For gates up to 3.7m wide.  If your gate is wider then extra rack can be added.

Keyed Manual Release 

To allow the gate to be opened by hand in case of a power failure the gate operator can be release with a key. 

Heavy Duty Sealed Gearbox

Die cast aluminium alloy base and gear box sealed to prevent dust, rain and insects damaging the unit and ensuring long lasting operation.  Maintenance free.

Recommended Use 

Has a Powerful 24VDC motor suitable for gates up to 600kg on level ground with a 100% duty so is suitable for Light Commercial Use where it can be opening many times in a row but not more than 60 operations per day on average.


King-RMC - Remote Control for King Gate Motors
Compatible with all King Gate Motors
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Rack 800 - rack to 800kg
Extra rack for gates wider than 3.7m wide, comes in 1m lengths.  
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LVK-2 - Low Voltage Kit for all King Gate motors
Allows low voltage power to be run out to your gate that you can do yourself without having to pay an electrician. Economic and safe.
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BKBatt-2 for King Dynamos and double Modus
Fits directly into any model of King Dynamos Sliding Gate Motor or the slave motor for a double Modus articulated arm swing gate motor.  
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SOL-2 - Solar Kit for King Sliding Gate Motors and Modus Swing Gate Motors
Includes a 24V solar panel, Backup battery and charger to convert King Dynamos sliding gate motors to solar
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PC-1 Outdoor Safety Photocell to 15m
Compact Infra-Red Point to Point Safety Photocell to prevent a gate from closing on a vehicle. 
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MAW-8 - Outdoor Digital Keypad 
Vandal resistant with die cast metal case and back lit metal keys. Includes call button and RFID tag reader.
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